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How much bandwidth I need to stream 720p HD movie over a wireless connection without jamming?

A 720p movie with length of 01:50:00 has filesize of 4.36GB.

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What exactly does "jamming" mean in this context? How much bandwidth would be based on the filesize being streamed, your typical 720p movie is that size, but the codec can increase or decrease that number. –  Ramhound Nov 16 '12 at 15:10
Jamming means it won't play smoothly. Most of 720p are encoded in this bitrate. –  iTayb Nov 16 '12 at 15:19

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Typical 480p/720p low-bitrate profile movie:

  • Length: 01:35:00 (5700sec)
  • Filesize: 700MB

Required bandwidth: 0.122MB/s / 126KB/s / 0.98Mbit/s

Typical 720p high-bitrate profile movie:

  • Length: 01:50:00 (6600sec)
  • Filesize: 4.36GB (4464MB)

Required bandwidth: 0.676MB/s / 700KB/s / 5.4Mbit/s

Typical 1080p movie:

  • Length: 01:59:37 (7177sec)
  • Filesize: 10.1GB (10342MB)

Required bandwidth: 1.44MB/s / 1475KB/s / 11.5Mbit/s

However, it seems that wireless connections are less reliable, and the actual transfer speed depends on the stability and latency of the link. These rates apply only for wired connections.

  • Wifi 802.11g connection is the minimum for smooth 720p streaming.
  • Wifi 802.11n conncetion is the minimum for smooth 1080p streaming.

Wired connections are almost always preferred in terms of connection quality.

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its not about filesize and more about the bitdepth of the stream and the stability and latency of the link. as a general rule, 30Mb/s (megabit) or so would be a minimum for 720 video. you can stream 720p smoothly over a wirelessG link (max of 54Mb/s).

There are many other factors than just network latency, such as the quality of the client video codec, player, and GPU/CPU. the load of the server, its read speed for that disk, and your comms protocol also have an impact.

are you having specific issues streaming video from a particular source/protocol?

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