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Possible Duplicate:
Copy filename to clipboard

Windows 7:

How can I select multiple files in Windows Explorer and get a string of text, listing the file names like I would get if I selected the files from within "open file" window of an application?

For example, if I have a directory that contains 100 JPEG files, and I select 01.jpg, 05.jpg, 10.jpg in Windows Explorer via Ctrl + clicks or Shift + click, how can I get a text string that reads " "01.jpg" "05.jpg" "10.jpg" with or without the selected files full path " without dragging the selected files to another window?

I've tried copy and pasting into Notepad and WordPad and it either pastes the pictures into the application or an empty clipboard.

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Shift + right-click -> Copy as Path gives you the quoted full paths separated by a newline.

Any decent editor can turn that into a list of filenames only separated by whitespace with a few clicks (for example, find/replace to remove the full path and to replace \n with a space character).

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Thank a lot. That solves my problem . I'm building a macro with Macro Express now i can just insert a command to Shift + right-click on the selection then type alt+a to "Copy as Path" to the clipboard from their i can automatically manipulate the text as i want ....thanks alot you save me alot of clicking and dragging :) – Ricky Williams Nov 16 '12 at 17:44
This does work in Windows 7. But not in Windows XP (it is absent). – Peter Mortensen Aug 24 '14 at 9:39

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