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So scp -q file host:file and scp -q host:file file are both quiet, i.e. don't give the progress meter. But when I run scp -q host1:file host2:file, I still get the progress meter as well as a Connection to host1 closed. message. The progress meter can be gotten rid of by redirected stdout to /dev/null (although I'd rather not have to), but the connection closed messages comes on stderr, which I definitely want to keep in case there's a real error. How can I make scp quiet? Do I have to run ssh host1 "scp -q file host2:file"?

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in host1, edit ~/.ssh/config and add something like this

Host host2

this will turn the messages off for you.

because -q only controls the ssh client connection from your localhost, not from host1.

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You can also specify this at the command line, e.g.: scp -q -o LogLevel=QUIET /tmp/foo someotherhost:/tmp – Banjer Oct 3 '14 at 13:26

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