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I currently have AppleScript which runs on a folder and is taking up my machine whilst it's working. I wish to be able to do it without UI interference.

Any ideas?


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If you have Acrobat professional, these links may help:

  1. Scan setup & workflow
  2. Article about Applescript to monitor folder and do acrobat ocr - has links to script downloads.

If you are willing to abandon acrobat as a solution and cobble together your own, you may find this question useful.

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Thanks Dave. Those are the scripts that I was referring to, when I mentioned using AppleScript. The issue is that they all invoke Acrobat, and work by automating the visual side of it. I don't want Acrobat to ever start - and merely be able to do 'its thing' by being invoked from CLI. – romant Oct 5 '09 at 1:08
Then if you can leave applescript and acrobat behind, there are several posts closely related to this one that are about performing ocr on pdf files. I would check them out. – DaveParillo Oct 5 '09 at 7:09

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