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Installed Windows 8, and there for some applications a minimum resolution of 1024x768. And I have the properties of a maximum of 1024x600. Are there any ways to increase the resolution?

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I have an ASUS 1005HA with the same resolution. I am able to change the resolution to 1024x768 following the steps in my answer on Windows 7. It's not a native resolution and will have some stretching, but will accomplish what you're asking. – kobaltz Nov 17 '12 at 5:02
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If that is the native resolution of your tablet, there is no way to increase it to that level since there is simply not enough physical pixels to draw the desktop onto.

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Many netbooks come with a default 1024x600 pixels (or similar) small screen resolution, which can cause problems in some apps or a lot of awkward scrolling. If you want to increase the amount of screen real estate you have on your netbook or be able to use apps that require higher-resolution displays (such as the Metro-style apps in the Windows 8 Developer Preview), you might be able to change a registry setting called "Display1_DownScalingSupported" in Windows to get options for higher resolutions. Here's how to search for the setting and change it:

  1. Go to the Start menu and type in regedit in the search box, then hit Enter.

  2. Scroll up on the left pane to make sure you are at the very top of the tree.

  3. At the top menu, go to Edit then Find... and search for Display1_DownScalingSupported

  4. Change each instance you find (you'll likely find 2 results for this) from 0 to 1. Make sure you change every found instance, because otherwise the hack won't work (in my experience).

  5. Once done, restart the system.

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Yes, this way of working. But Windows 8 apps will not open and the system hangs. – user134677 Nov 17 '12 at 5:05

I'm working my low res 1024x600 Samsung N120 netbook on Win 8 since the end of Dec 2012. Apart from the Metro tiles that won't start apart from fooling your video card there is another workaround. Use the desktop like on your ancient XP or Win 7 (simply click on the tile with the flower) and use your old applications like office 2010 and Chrome. (put their program links on that desktop) They do work brilliant and fast. With XP my netbook started up in approx 3 minutes; now on Win 8 within the minute. One click on the desktop icon, one click on Outlook2010 and 30 secs later I have my email from 10 accounts loaded. The next best workaround for the live Metro tiles like People, Mail, Skydrive are in using your browser (I prefer Chrome, but Win8's IE9 works fine too). Go to and you have all three, provided you have an account. Hope this helps a bit and makes you feel you're not alone . . .

addendum: check the Samsung answer to force 768 through this link: ;-) Menno.

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There's a simpler way...

  1. Go to the Desktop, right-click and select Screen resolution.
    A window opens named "screen resolution"

  2. Select the option Advanced settings
    A window opens with 3 tabs (usually), select List All Modes under the Adapter tab.

  3. Choose your desired resolution and click Apply, Apply, OK.

Change screen resolution

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