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I have a computer with these specifications. I use Turtle Beach X12 Headphones. When I move my USB mouse (Logitech G400) I hear a buzzing sound. This is not a software problem as this happens when I am in BIOS Setup.

System Specs

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Could it be that you have a wireless mouse that opperates at a frequency your speakers pick up? (just like some speakers make noise just before a mobile phone is about to ring)?

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Like I said in the first post it is USB. – jtl999 Nov 19 '12 at 2:22

This looks a lot like an issue with onboard sound cards where they would pick up interferences from other components on the motherboard.

This used to be somewhat common on cheap integrated audio chipsets, circa mid-2000's.

Work arounds:

  • Use optical output if available (my assumption is that it is the DAC of the sound card that picks up noise, so bypassing analog output all together should help).
    • This does not help since you have headphones.
  • Buy a cheap USB sound card to see if it helps
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