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I'm using Windows 7, and have various network adapters. Is it possible to restrict a program to only use a specific adapter?

To clear it up a bit more. I'm using VirtualBox, and it creates a host-only network adapter during setup. By that, it's OK all the time. Until I've recently installed WoW, and found out that (agent, launcher, etc.) always queries the host-only adapter. Which for sure, doesn't work all the time. Currently, I have to disable the adapter whenever I run the WoW program. So, I've tried to find out if I can block it from using that. I've looked at Windows Firewall and user permission management. But neither gives me a mean to restrict from using the adapter.

Any light?

P.S. This question is not specific to It's just happen to be my case. For a long time, I've been always wondering if VB's host-only network adapter would conflict with something. and I've just met the case, at last.

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Finally, turns out a routing table issue. The culprit should be the second entry below: On-link 306 On-link 276 On-link 276

My box seems to work fine after I've deleted the entry. And I think it should be fine, unless I use broadcast inside VB.

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