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I used Vimium recently and was fascinated about its 'link hunt mode' feature. I wonder if there exists any tool like it in Windows such that pressing F would auto-assign a key combination for all UI components (checkbox, textbox, dropdown list, etc.) on a Windows form and then pressing that key combination would focus the corresponding UI element.

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The LabelControl AutoHotkey script can overlay buttons, controls, and other interface elements with a number. You can access the interface controls at any time by inputting the number that belongs to one of them.

(E.g. here is a GIF of the LabelControl AutoHotkey script with its numbers:

(LabelControl AutoHotkey script:

I haven’t tried it though.

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Thanks Jeff! Quite something I was looking for :) – MD. Mohiuddin Ahmed Apr 3 '14 at 6:12

Press Alt once in newer MS Office products (I guess >=2010) to get a 'link hunt mode'-style key shortcuts.

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Yes. Windows Ribbon framework is quite good.But what about other apps which don't have ribbon. – MD. Mohiuddin Ahmed Feb 28 '14 at 6:29

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