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The question is as simple as that really. Are bluray disks the cheapest storage medium per gb?

I am recording video which is using about 32gb per day. So a month of that would be almost 1Tb. A year around 12tb.

I want to store at last a years worth with the possibility of more if needed. To me it seems that cheap bluray disks world be the cheapest solution.

But I wanted to get this confirmed.

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No, LTO tapes are cheaper if you have very large volume (because the drive is expensive). Another hidden cost of Blu-ray is the very slow burning speed. However, in your case, blu-ray is the most economical solution as your volume is not big enough. – Nov 17 '12 at 13:52
Looks like LTO tapes + drive only become cheaper than Blu-Ray disks + drives if I want to store 7+ years of 12Tb a year. For 1 year of 12Tb using LTO will cost me around 770GBP, but the Blu-ray solution will cost 250GBP. 2 years of LTO will cost 870GBP and 2 years of Blu-ray will cost 440GBP. – oshirowanen Nov 17 '12 at 16:34
Yeah, one major advantage of LTO is that you can reliably re-use the tapes, which is good for backups that only needs to be available for a few months. But I guess that is not relevant to your case. – Nov 17 '12 at 17:39
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Something to keep in mind:

A quick check of media prices shows BD-R disks for around $1 each--4 cents per GB.

Hard drives are easier to get a good measure of the price as pricewatch tracks them--2tb for $90. That's 4.5 cents per GB.

The drives are reusable, the disks are not. In either case you need some sort of redundancy anyway.

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