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a few hours ago, I found a link to Kickass Torrent, which is blocked in my country, Italy and went for it. The link worked just fine but wasn't able to save anything. I renounced and continued normal navigation.

I then noticed that everytime I try to access some pages, for instance (but not I receive a warning from Chrome that I'm being redirected through

Since I found a similar topic here on 'superuser' I tried what was proposed in the solution, namely shutting down adblock and trying again or trying Incognito mode. Nevertheless, no result.

I performed a search with both Avira and Spybot SD but except for a couple cookies from other origin nothing came up.

What do you suggest I do?

Thanks in advance, feel free to ask any info that might be necessary


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I would greatly suggest you file a bug report on Google Chrome. Also, download another secure browser such as Firefox, and see if it complains. If it doesn't, then it is possible that Chrome as a security flaw.

But be sure to file a bug. This could be pretty bad, although at the moment it might not be.

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Filed the bug report. Also tried on Firefox, but nothing good, same problem: SSL certificate. Just to inquiry more I tried to connect via Playstation 3 browser: as long as I simply used it online, no problem, when I tried to access even there it warned me of discrepancies in the certificate. Would it be possible that somehow this thing changed settings inside my router? – Luke Nov 18 '12 at 6:58
It's highly unlikely, but it is possible. This is an odd issue. You really should contact Google directly, just to make sure. – Josiah Nov 18 '12 at 13:59

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