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Around 11 months ago I paid Google (via Google Wallet) $5 for a year of 20GByte photo hosting on Picasa (or maybe I mean "Picasa Web"; I don't actually use the Picasa app). I can't remember if there was an "auto renew" option presented at the time of payment, and if there was, whether I selected it.

Just looking into the what's going to happen when the year is up, I see that the $5/year-for-20GByte is now considered a "legacy plan" and it seems likely google would prefer me to "upgrade" to an (IMHO extortionate) $2.49/MONTH-for-25GByte. However, it appears I should be able to remain on the "legacy plan" provided it's set to auto-renew.

However, I don't see any information on the (or on Google Wallet's "subscriptions" page, which seems to be a logical place it might appear) which helps me determine whether an auto renewal will be attempted or not.

Thanks for any relevant tips.

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Well google sent me a reminder email including this:

This is a reminder that your one-year Google Storage plan is set to automatically renew in 30 days.

Since you purchased this plan before April 24, 2012 - the date we updated our Google Storage plans - and have set your plan to automatically renew, you can keep your current plan. Decide whether you want to keep your current plan, purchase a new plan, or downgrade to free storage...

(my bold) which answers my question.

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Don't give up your $5 a YEAR will NOT be able to go back to it if you want more storage space in he future. You will be forced to pay MONTHLY then

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The asker already knows that; that's why he asked about auto-renewing. – cpast Oct 30 '14 at 19:42

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