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I recently upgrade form Windows 7 to Windows 8. The only problem I have is that whenever I open the latest WLM, it consistently freezes either on the loading screen or when trying to load my accounts (the shell of the program opens). I've tried completely removing it via Revo Uninstaller. I've also removed the "metro" mail app. I know it worked before, a while ago when I did a fresh install on another machine, but it seems to be broken after this upgrade.

I see no event logs in the viewer. I've tried reboots. No dice. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I think this is to do with compatibility mode being enabled.

I had it on Windows 7 where you set it to run as Vista SP2 so you can minimize to tray. This doesn't work in Windows 8.

I tried un-installing but it remembered the mode. Try running normally and it should be okay albeit without the minimize to tray option.

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It turned out I remembered this and it was the exact same issue, and for the exact same reason (minimizing to the tray). I removed the compatibility and it worked fine. Thanks! – Ryan Peters Nov 23 '12 at 14:26

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