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I'm trying to set up samba on my arch arm box, for shares that I can access from various places but I can't seem to get it right;

What I'm after is the following:


  1. Log-in with system user acccounts
  2. Users get their home directory
  3. Users get the media directory
  4. Users get read/write to media directory


  1. Guest is restricted to media directory
  2. Guest gets read only of media directory


  1. Root starts in /
  2. Root gets read/write

For some reason, the shareuser can see the root directory, so i set valid user to root, but then i can't log in to it even with root account.

I'm not too up on this Samba stuff so any help would be appreciated.

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If you want root to have access to the whole file-tree, add a share [everything] with path = / and use that instead of setting root's home directory to /. For the media folder to be writable, add a group called sambausers (or use an existing group) and add users to that group with usermod -a -G sambausers username. You will have to check that the shared path has group write permissions enabled (chmod 775 /path/media).

/etc/samba/smb.conf (significant parts)

   security = user

      comment = Media folder
      path = /mnt/media
      #valid users = jaroslav
      public = yes
      read only = yes
      guest ok = yes
      guest account = nobody
      write list = @sambausers
      printable = no
      browseable = yes

      comment = Home Directories
      browseable = no
      writable = yes
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