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I know the various directories I can look in, but I'm wondering if there is an app (or command) that gives a single consolidated view of system and user startup items.

Optimally it would allow quickly disabling and enabling them also to troubleshoot startup problems. Thanks!

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There's OSX Autoruns:

OSX Autoruns is a Python-based, Mac OS X utility that displays items set to auto-launch at either system boot or user login. The majority of auto-launch items on Mac OS X comes from a series of Property List (plist) files. OSX Autoruns.py extracts startup information from the various relevant plist files and displays them in a variety of output formats.

I guess someone could always create a GUI front-end for this.

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It's a good start, nowhere as powerful as AutoRuns though. Thanks! –  studgeek Nov 20 '12 at 17:46

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