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I am thinking about changing my internet service. DSL I know uses the telephone line but the one issue is the telephone jack is on the other side of the room.

If I was to take a 50ft phone cord I could easily reach the other side of my room. If I use an extended phone cord will I see a degradation in my signal? Would it be better to run a long Ethernet cable to the PC than a long Phone cord to the router?

Note: I am looking for hard information not what ifs. IE: Per every 5ft you see (roughly) this much drop in signal quality. I also realize that there could be local factors that could effect signal strength. I am looking for the most common scenarios. Also I could use a wireless connection and may go that route but I prefer a hard line connection for my desktop.

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It shouldn't make any difference either way. 50 feet is easily tolerated by either DSL or Ethernet.

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I did a bit more research on this topic and as David mentioned 50ft is easily tolerated by Ethernet. However, running a standard 50ft telephone cable to connect to your DSL modem could be problematic. The reason is in most cases the cables are unshielded and could pick up interference thus degrading your signal quality. To overcome this issue you could either run an Ethernet cable to your computer from where the DSL Modem is installed (by the phone jack). If that is not an option (as it was not for me) you can buy a High Speed Internet Modem Cable. The difference is this is an Ethernet cable with rj11 connectors or aka "normal" telephone connectors. (The connectors from your DSL Modem to computer are rj45). There are DIY methods out there for taking an Ethernet cable and installing your own connectors if you do not want to buy a cable or need longer.

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