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I'm following the iPod Video Conversion Guide for VLC (VideoLAN) v1.02 on a Mac. I've reached the section where I need to choose which audio transcoding option to use.

Both audio format options for iPod conversion, mp4a and aac are simply not in the list of selectable options. Does anyone know why, and if it's possible to add them?

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ping. anything further on this? have you had any luck with the macports VLC, or tried an older release? – quack quixote Nov 27 '09 at 9:22
For the record, I couldn't get this to work, whether with the MacPorts version or the direct download from the VLC website. Would you be able to use Handbrake for your conversions? – fideli Jan 19 '10 at 3:27
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VLC compiles fine on my Mac 10.6 using MacPorts. You have also some lattitude to install variants and pimp your VLC, including the libraries you ask for.

$ port variants vlc
VLC has the variants:
   bonjour: Enable Bonjour support
   darwin_10: Platform variant, selected automatically
   dvb: enable DVB Program Specific Information support
   fribidi: Enable FriBidi Unicode support
     * requires osd
   full: Enable all variants except x11 and no_*
     * requires huge qt4 smb
   huge: Enable all variants except x11, qt4, smb and no_*
     * conflicts with minimal
     * requires dvb fribidi live555 sdl shout speex svg vcd
   live555: Enable Live555 streaming media support
   macosx: Platform variant, selected automatically
   minimal: VLC Mac OS X minimal configuration
[+]mod: Enable MOD demuxer support
[+]mpc: enable Musepack Decoder library support
   no_dvd: disable DVD and DeCSS support
   no_ffmpeg: disable FFmpeg support
[+]osd: Enable onscreen display and TrueType font support
   qt4: Build using QT4 UI.  This will use qt4-x11 if +x11 and qt4-mac otherwise.
   sdl: Enable SDL/SDL-Image support
   shout: Enable Shoutcast support
   smb: Enable Samba 3 support
   speex: Enable Speex decoder support
   svg: Enable SVG support
[+]theora: Enable OggTheora support
[+]twolame: Enable MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoding
   vcd: Enable VCD support
   x11: Build support for X11
[+]x264: Enable H.264 en/decoding

so simply issue:

$ sudo port install vlc +huge

(and by updating / upgrading, you'll stay in sync with latest releases)

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Have you selected the proper container format (MP4) before trying to select an audio format?

I've also seen this July discussion at the VLC forums about a missing AAC encoder. VLC uses FFmpeg, which uses FAAC (libfaac) for AAC encoding. According to the forum thread, there are licensing issues which prevented the then-current VLC builds from including FAAC. I can't confirm that this is still the case. If this is the problem, you can compile it yourself to get a build that provides the missing functionality.

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I'm going to try this with MacPorts as soon as they've fixed a compilation error for the VLC package. Will be back with an update, thanks! – Alex Angas Oct 23 '09 at 16:20

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