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Our disks on one of our servers are showing 100% utilization but no read or write.

here is the output of iostat -xc 1 and errors on syslog

status info from raid card sudo tw-cli /c6 show

Latest firmware version is installed on raid card. What may be the problem?

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Are you using disks with TLER enabled? If not a disk might have an error and it will be trying to recover. No time limit on recovering makes sense for a regular consumer disks since taking a long long time (even hours) is better than loosing data. On RAID you do not want this. Instead you want the disk to fail and the data to be supplied from a working disk. This assumes that the 3ware card does not just drop the while disk after it has not responded for a while. I am not sure which card you use and how that model acts. – Hennes Oct 20 '14 at 19:21

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