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I created folders /tags, /branches and /trunk on SVN server. I put initial project file into /trunk. But other folders confuses me.

What should I put in /tags? I see most people do not ever use this folder. Is this like a temp folder or so?

As I understood, the purpose of branches is to host a different versions. So I will have /branches/myapp_v1.0.0, /branches/myapp_v1.0.1, etc. Right?

If this is true, how do I "tell" subversion tool (tortoise on windows, svn on linux) to upload project files into such and such folder?

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It's sort of convention. Here you can find a good answer for that:… – Simon Tremblay Nov 19 '12 at 16:17
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You have to read SVN Book, at least "Fundamental Concepts" and "Basic Usage"

In short: "Recommended Repository Layout" chapter tells us

...flexibility also means that it's easy to find yourself “lost without a roadmap” as you attempt to navigate different Subversion repositories which may carry completely different and unpredictable arrangements of the data within them.

To counteract this confusion, we recommend that you follow a repository layout convention (established long ago, in the nascency of the Subversion project itself) in which a handful of strategically named Subversion repository directories convey valuable meaning about the data they hold. Most projects have a recognizable “main line”, or trunk, of development; some branches, which are divergent copies of development lines; and some tags, which are named, stable snapshots of a particular line of development.

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This may also help to clarify things: – bahrep Nov 29 '12 at 12:43

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