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Possible Duplicate:
Is there a shortcut or way in Windows 7 to switch same application’s windows, like Cmd + ~ in Mac.l

Is there any shortcut in windows switch windows in same program. In Mac OSX is

Command + ~

Is there any shortcut like this in Windows?

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In Mac OSX, Command + Tab switches between applications, even if you have multiple windows open in each application. (You have three windows open in Firefox, but it still has only one item in the Command + Tab popup. This is what Command + ~ is for.

In Windows, each window is represented as its own entity. Alt + Tab cycles through all windows, of all applications.

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It depends on which application are you using, for example

Ctrl + Tab

switches between tabs in all browsers in Windows. And take a look at the link below:

keyboard Shorcuts

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Incorrect. This is usually to open a new tab. – Matthew Kennedy Nov 20 '12 at 6:08

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