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Currently, I aim to use endnotes for practical reasons on a space-restricted paper.

Already I know how to realize endnotes and watched this genius YT tutorial video.

The problem is: How do I achieve a [1] display vs. the current 1 display?

The author of the video already hints that this is impossible to realize automatically, but is this still the case with Word Preview 2013? (I of course tried and it sadly seems so.)

Second problem: I want to use a different formatting for the "endnotes" within the text, i.e. writing a sentence:

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"^1

i.e. using superscript and / or no [...] brackets.

But it seems unlike with footnotes, endnotes are displayed in the same manner? Why is that? Is it a little confusing and disappointing.

Initial research done:

  • Watched the video, googled, tried in Word 2013, searched SE
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