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I'd like to know if there is a way (software, a keyboard combination, etc) to switch between DVI and VGA input on the same monitor.

I've two PCs connected to the same monitor, far away (80cm) from me. To push the monitor button is not so easy and comfortable as it seems, moreover if you have to do it almost 20 times a day. I've tried to check on search engine/Samsung (SyncMaster SA450) site for a solution but with no success.

Any suggestion?

Thank you all in advance

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I don't think you can do this via software but you could try a KVM switch.

Description of the link above: The SV231DDVDUA 2-port Dual Monitor KVM Switch (DVI+VGA) offers a complete multimedia switching solution, letting users control two Dual Display computers using a single USB mouse and keyboard peripheral set. With support for high-resolution video interfaces, this dual view KVM switch provides one VGA (analog) and one DVI-I port per computer connection, as well as audio switching capability between connected computers. Delivering versatility for virtually any application, the DVI/VGA KVM switch features an integrated 2-port USB hub that allows connected USB 2.0 peripherals to be shared between connected computers, eliminating the need to

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I would recommend the approach of making a small electronic circuit with a microcontroller that connects to your computer's USB or serial port and "presses" the button for you on demand.

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