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I'm setting up a local apache server. I use the xampp 1.7 package on windows. One site requires to be in the root directory, so i set up a virtual host to make it apear from root.

In the host file, i've added an entry ( app.localhost).

I've added the virtual host to the apache conf:

<VirtualHost app.localhost:80>
    DocumentRoot "D:/Tools/xampp1.7/htdocs/ovs-v2"
    ServerName app.localhost

    <Directory "D:/Tools/xampp1.7/htdocs/ovs-v2/">
    	AllowOverride All
    	Options FollowSymLinks
    	Order allow,deny
    	Allow from all

The virtual host itself does work, when i go to app.localhost, i get the correct website. When I go to localhost, i get the normal webroot. But when I go to, i get the app.localhost website.

If i disable this virtual host, then all works normal. How can i fix this?

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You're telling Apache that when it receives a request for a specific named host (VirtualHost app.localhost), it should respond with a specific configuration. Read more about name-based virtual hosts here:

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Classic case of RTM before use. Thx. – Ikke Oct 7 '09 at 10:46

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