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Heres the order of what i did:
1. installed windows 7
2. installed windows 8
3. Tried to install Ubuntu on 2x sliced paritions for Software raid.
. (installed it last because grub, ya.)

3a - couldnt figure out how to create the tiny boot partition for efi, in Alt install.
3b - couldnt find "create partition of size" anywhere.
3c - Gave up, erased windows 8 to install Ubuntu
4. Installed ubuntu :)
5. Windows 8 loader popped up again (got a little mad bra) and asked me to "boot another OS" Happily clicked f9 or whatever.
6. started booting windows 7, started screaming at my monitor. 7. rebooted to repair mode install disk, reinstalled grub. 8. Nothing happened.
~ ~ ~
47. Did it again
48. Nothing happened.

Drive Makup = (2x 2TB HDD WDCg) 1xEARS 1xEARX & 1x SDD 128 OCZVRTX4 Partitions: dev/sda1 = Ntfs dev/sda2 = Linux raid 1/2 &
dev/sdb1 = blank & dev/sdb2 = Linux raid

SDD = NTFS MBR (that cant be read in linux for some reason)

Thank You for your patience :)
* Bonus Question*
Can i just put a bootloader on this 1gig USB disk I have here?

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What device did you install Ubuntu on? How did you partition it? Where are you installing Grub? – Xyon Nov 20 '12 at 13:24
How did you erase Windows 8? – pratnala Nov 20 '12 at 13:30
oh I just... system management -> disks -> /cyberman "delete!" – TardisGuy Nov 20 '12 at 13:33

My assumption is that Win 8 formatted your drive to GPT.

IIRC, GRUB requires some mucking around to start from GPT, so you can either reformat with an MBR or use a process like this to fake an MBR.

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