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When should I check this checkbox ?

enter image description here

and If i'm about to open a rar , how can I see the authenticity ?

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After open the rar archive with winrar press alt+i (extras -> get information). It shows stats about the archive and if available, the info about package creator.

enter image description here

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From the options page are winRar:

Check the information about creator of RAR archive added by "Put authenticity verification" > option in General part of archiving dialog. Turning this option off can save some time when > unpacking large RAR archives.

From another website:

This option enables WinRAR to stamp the archive with specific credentials such as creator name, date created, and last updated. This allows anyone who has your file to check and verify no one else has made any modifications.

Only turn this option on if you want others to be able to check that you make this archive and nobody tampered with it.

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