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I'm thinking about getting either one of these Series 9 Models:

  1. NP900X3C-A01US - Win 7
  2. NP900X3C-A05US - Win 8

I'd want to do a complete wipe on either one, but what to make certain that the unit is able to boot from USB. The new Zenbook Prime does not have that option listed in the BIOS.

Can anybody verify that they are able to accomplish this?

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All modern laptops can boot from USB. – Moab Nov 20 '12 at 17:12
@Moab yes, even those laptops, but samsung laptops stump samsung technical support on how to boot form USB. I recall calling them 2013ish, they didn't know, then I finally found out, I called them back and told them. Called them back again, spoke to another that didn't know, and told him. The entire team was and probably still is, stumped on how to boot from USB! – barlop Jun 22 '15 at 17:46
@Chace, Accept an answer if it works, and comment if it doesn't – barlop Jun 22 '15 at 20:51

If it's the same BIOS as the Samsung Series 3, then yes but it's tricky to find the option in the BIOS.

Google picked up this link when I was looking.. regarding the aptio bios and that kind of laptop! webpage about the aptio bios and samsung series 5 This helped for the 3 as well, so it will probably be good for the series 9.

Recently I bought a Samsung NP550P7C laptop. Today after all wait I decided to reinstall Windows on it. So I copied all the files on to my USB stick and tried to boot into the installation. When I went into BIOS I couldn’t find the USB stick in the boot list. After learning that the BIOS is Aptio I did some Google searches but found nothing.

Solution was simple:

From ‘Advanced’ section disable ‘Fast BIOS Mode’

Go to BIOS options by pressing F2 while on boot. From ‘Advanced’ section disable ‘Fast BIOS Mode’ and select ‘Save Changes and Reset’ from exit. After reset go back into BIOS and select the USB stick from boot override.

Another poster writes regarding his Series 3.. very similarly.

Tod on 2012-12-10 at 18:46 said: Aptio bios has hardly any options and doesn’t show much. A very poor BIOS generally.

I have a samsung NP350

I couldn’t see any option to boot from USB. I updated the BIOS. still nope. I disabled fast BIOS saved restarted, but no new USB option appears under “boot override” or anywhere – it seemed.

A normal/decent BIOS e.g. even on a cheap Dell, besides showing far more in the BIOS, often has an option where a function key offers a boot menu.

But I tried all the function keys and the only one is F2 to go into the BIOS.

In the end, I saw that Indeed one had to set advanced.. fast bios disabled, and restart. But then my USB stick was under Boot….Boot device priority….. then it said CD/DVD drive BBS priorities Hard drive BBS priorities Choose Hard drive priorities Then I saw my USB key listed.

So, it was within 3 layers!

So, both had to disable fast bios, then restart, and a new option appeared. as to what and where.

one poster said it was through 3 layers with titles including the term "BBS priorities". the original poster said that the option is called "boot override".

Another user says this of the series 5 aptio bios.

secure boot method option where I could switch from UEFI to CMS (whatever this CMS means). That did the trick on my NP550P5C and the USB boot option came alive.

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Finally! :-) Thank you! Disabled Fast BIOS Mode – Ionică Bizău Jan 14 '14 at 14:42

The option often does not appear unless there is a USB device connected. Most (likely all) will boot from USB these days.

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Yes, you can boot from USB.

Almost all (if not all) modern laptops can boot from USB. Most do so without a problem. Some require the USB device to be present before they boot, or even for it to be enabled in the BIOS. (Read: Insert USB device, boot, go to BIOS, mark USB as bootable, reboot (from USB)).

The NP900X3C-A01US comes with two USB ports. One USB2, one USB3.
You can only use the USB2 port to boot.

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For me it was the wrong USB port. Thanks! – capdragon Jul 24 '13 at 20:31

In Samsung series 9 you need in bois setup (which you reach by pressing F2 when the computer boots),

to choose boot Tab, and disable the "Secure Mode" and in OS mode selection to choose "UEFI AND CSM OS" to make it work.

It still asked me next, to but with F10 and choose my USB Drive.

To me it worked on usb 3 & 2. Good luck

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