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I've been searching the internet for this but nothing relevant pops up ... so I ask you, is this possible to center text in VS ? (similar to distraction free mode in Sublime Text 2)

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I think I was asking myself the same question for a while :) But I don't think that VS2012 has a distraction free mode :) – rolandjitsu Nov 25 '12 at 20:20

You can find the new features on the official website actually, and it seems like there is no mention about any "distraction free mode" : VS2012 Features

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Have you tried the Full Screen mode? SHIFT+ALT+Enter activates this mode. You could also add the Hide Main Menu extension from the Visual Studio Gallery and bump up the font size/zoom factor a little to make it even more "focused" on code editing. If using zoom for the font size TroutZoom is also al really nice extension.

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