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I have backup all my website files to a zip folder from cpanel. Now I want to download this zip folder to my local drive. I searched on internet and found command line code 'scp' but its not working for me.

scp D:/

I am currently in 'public_html' directory using SSH.

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Looks like you're on a Windows host, why not just use WinSCP? – birryree Nov 20 '12 at 13:27
scp command as such won't work on Windows. You can use WinSCP for GUI interface, or if you prefer command line utility, go for pscp which is very similar in usage to scp. – vaisakh Nov 20 '12 at 13:31

Check this tutorial, it's very well explained

scp command line to securely copy files over ssh, between Linux, Mac or Windows


scp *.txt That is going to copy all files with .txt extension to the folder /home/user in the host

scp -r miguel@ user@

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It seems like you are using windows, so you should have a look at winscp (, which is a graphical interface for scp.

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If you want to use a command-line from windows then you could give pscp a try from the putty toolkit.

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Try using a SFTP client such as

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