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A few nights ago I upgraded my Windows 7 PC to Windows 8. This morning, when I logged into my PC, I noticed the little flag in the system tray, in desktop mode, had a red "X" on it.

I checked it and one of the issues was my needing to tell Windows 8 that I trusted my PC. I clicked on the link to trust my PC, and saw the button to tell it to trust my PC, and so I did.

After doing that it send it had sent out an email to a really old email address I had, which hasn't been valid for many years.

Now what? Will that "trusting my PC" be invalid, because I can't respond to it (which certainly isn't true, if it's sending messages to so old email address). I didn't even know that Windows still had such an old email address.

I'm concerned that I won't have a trust relationship with my own PC, that somehow or other whatever holds onto my information has old information and that I am not sure how to change it in as fast a manner as possible so that I can trust my own PC.

How do I do these things?

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  1. Login to your Microsoft Account.
  2. Click Edit security info link in Password and security info section.
  3. In Alternate email address section:
    1. Remove your old address.
    2. Add the current address.
    3. Add more email addresses if you like.

On this page Your security info protects your account you can also manage the list of Trusted PC by removing some of the devices.

Also check the list of alternative email address in the Notifications section:

  1. Click Notifications on the right.
  2. Click Manage email preferences.

Page titled Your email addresses will open.

You will see your preferred email address as well as the list of email addresses associated with this account.

Click Change link under your preferred email address.
Select new preferred address from the list or add a new one.

Click Save to apply changes.

If you changed to address, the system will send a confirmation mail to that address. Follow the instructions in that email to confirm it.

After that you can resend the confirmation message from Windows 8 computer to trust the PC.

On the Your email addresses page, you can:

  • Remove your old address from the list of email address.
  • Add another email address, if you like.
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Thank you, I've gone to the page that you linked to, and I found it lists my email addresses. When I clicked on the link from the Action Center, it send me to a page titled, "Your security info protects your account", and I found it had a really old, defunked email address which I haven't used in many years. I changed it, but it won't go into effect until Dec. 16. Can this Trusting of my PC late until then, or will Windows 8 stop working at some point before then? – Rod Nov 22 '12 at 6:49
I've updated my answer. Why won't your new email address go into effect before Dec 16? I believe Windows won't stop working: it just can't sync some application settings unless you established trust with your PC. – Alexey Ivanov Nov 24 '12 at 20:03
I've no idea why it won't go into effect until Dec 16, but that's what the email from Microsoft said. I hope to learn more tomorrow, when people get back from the Thanksgiving holiday. – Rod Nov 26 '12 at 1:36

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