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I'm trying to update my It works but the "ChangeTime" needs to be a Number/Integer in order to work. I tried to place a -int into the code but it gives an error.

defaults write Background '{default = {Change = TimeInterval; ChangePath = "/Users/Username/Pictures/Wallpapers"; ChangeTime = 60; ImageFileAlias = <data>; ImageFilePath = "/Users/Username/Pictures/Wallpapers/05.jpg"; LastName = "Mandy Moore011.jpg"; NewChangePath = "~/Pictures/Wallpapers"; ; Random = YES; Placement =Crop;};}'>

Is there a other way or does somebody know how to insert a Number/integer?

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Here are a few errors I found when trying to run your snippet:

  • There is an extra semi colon after NewChangePath = "~/Pictures/Wallpapers"; ;
  • I'm not sure if ImageFileAlias = <data>; is abbreviated, but that caused the script to choke as well.
  • There is a > at the end of your command without a location to redirect the output of the command.
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