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I want to use passwordless SSH for logging in. I used sshpass to achieve this.

The problem is when I am trying to install sshpass through sudo apt-get install sshpass. It asks for password.

After I enter the password, the following message is getting displayed:

Santosh_Nayak05 is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.

I desperately want to use sshpass. I am new to Unix. Can any body tell me what is sudoers file and how I can install and use sshpass?

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From the looks of things you don't have sudo access to install sshpass in your environment (Is this a school's server you are on?)

Your alternatives are:

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thank you for your reply . actually me working in a small project which uses terminal for interact with there any way to install sshpass . As i am new to unix looks complicated to me and expect script is also beyond me. – user1760929 Nov 21 '12 at 5:33
yes me working in a office server where i don't have the sudo access – user1760929 Nov 21 '12 at 5:35

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