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Is there a multipurpose text editor for Windows that has an embedded command line? As an example of what I'm looking for, I've included a screenshot of KDE's Kate below.

enter image description here

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Try NotePad++ with the NppExec plug-in installed. You can install the plug-in using the NotePad++ Plug-in manager.

NppExec Description:

Run different commands with the help of this plugin NppExec is designed as a Notepad++ plugin that gives you the possibility to run commands and applications directly from the editor.

NppExec can be used for running other programs from Notepad++, passing text from Notepad++ to some external tool, compiling source files (using external compiler) etc.

When the NppExec plugin is installed, you can see its icon "Show Console Dialog" on Notepad++'es toolbar, and you can find NppExec's submenu under Plugins menu of Notepad++.

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