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I reinstalled Arch half a month ago. I found that the Consolekit is no longer available in newer versions.
Previously I use consolekit to configure my Networkmanger, but I didn't know how to solve that...

I tried to install Networkmanager and use sudo systemctl start NetworkManager to start it after running ... enable.... And GNOME notifies activation of network failed. I think that's because there is no consolekit.
So add new wireless account is not available for me.
For gdm, I just use sudo systemctl enable gdm to make it autostart, without a ~/.xinitrc file.
I posted that problem in the mail-list for Chinese users . … IDl8F8NbqU
Then I use netcfg instead. But I really want to make networkmanager work in GNOME 3.6 . Please help me.

More details:

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