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I want any third party(either commercial or Open source) folder lock application that protects file with a password without hiding the files.

The locked folder should be displayed to users as a password protected folder. When users try to open the folder it should ask for a password.

When the user enters the correct password it should open, otherwise it should throw an error.

Is there any application with these qualities? I searched a lot, but I could not find any.

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I think AXCrypt will do exactly what you want. It's an encryption software, which can handle individual file encryption, it's distributed even as portable version. http://sourceforge.net/projects/axcrypt/ oddly here is more recent version http://www.axantum.com/AxCrypt/Downloads.html

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Just about any encryption software will do this for you:


I have used Truecrype to do such a task before and sourceforge suggests AXcrypt will achieve the desired affect.

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