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I've got a ADSL Router linked to a hub/switch, where are linked all PCs in my house. In my neighborhood I can get the line speed only to max of 600 kbps. I was thinking about contract another 600 kbps ADSL line and link in my router, but I don't know if in the end I will get 1200 kpbs (1.2 mbps).

Another good reason is that if one line drops due some problem, I will be on-line, even in half of the full speed.

It's possible?

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I have done this before with 2 4MB ADSL lines, however have never been able to get them to bond. PFSense is a BSD based firewall router that has built in support for multiple ADSL lines in a load balanced environment.

There is also various dual ADSL routers available. These will provide you similar solutions. Molly already provided a link to one that can. I have not been able to source these locally in ZA but know they should be available in the States with no issues.

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Yes, you'll need a dual ADSL router for bonding the two connections.

Zyxel's P-663H-51 has two ADSL2/2+ WAN ports. With the ATM-based multi-paired bonding feature, the two ports can be grouped into a logical link boasting the bandwidth twice as fast.

alt text

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not true; he could build a dual-homed system (gateway with two NICs), connect each NIC to a separate ADSL modem, and do the bonding with OpenBSD, Linux, or whatever OS he wants. – quack quixote Oct 5 '09 at 2:00

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