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I have an htpc (asrock ion 3d).

Running win7 pro (official ;-)) with all latest updates. Avast anti virus. Nothing much installed on this pc as it's mostly for xbmc.

I have xbmc running and it works great. Playing a Full HD (1080p + DTS HD) video through the network is flawless!

But when I want to play some youtube video (not even hd) it's all slow. The picture freezes and the sound gets all sluggish. It's not during the whole video but from time to time. Youtube is not constantly buffering so it's not the problem.

However, playing a video from windows explorer with VLC does not work great, it has the same problem as described before. But there it seems to be a network buffering problem. Even though my (gigabit) network throughput is a little bit over 35MB/s!

Thanks for any help Michel

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I'd bet my money on the fact that XBMC is using DXVA out of the box. DXVA is hardware acceleration which your Ion will be able to handle and route to it's hardware-based video/audio decoders, leaving the CPU usage quite low.

When software decoding is thrown into the mix, your CPU is most likely not fast enough to handle it in real time, which would explain the stutters you see often. I believe (don't hold me to it) that you can enable DXVA within VLC, and POSSIBLY even in Flash as well. Don't hold your breath for Flash or HTML5.

Hope that helps clear things up! You can actually check to see what is going on if you pull up the task manager and monitor system performance. I bet that CPU usage will be relatively low when playing videos with XBMC, but almost max when using VLC/Flash/HTML5.

EDIT: I almost forgot! You could always install the Youtube addon for XBMC if you're dying for a little HD video streaming. It should be available under Video Addons in the standard addon repository. It is a primitive addon, but for casual use, it's definitely good enough if you know what you're looking for.

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I will check that and I'll report here. Thanks! –  Michel Nov 29 '12 at 10:41

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