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I find single exclude extension like

grep --exclude "*.js" "a" *

How do I write multiple exclude masks?

I have tried the code below, but it doesn't work:

grep -r --exclude=*.\{html,htm,js} "li" *

grep -R -E '(\.js|rb)' "create" * 
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You should escape the asterisk, not the curly brace. Your command should look like this:

grep -r --exclude=\*.{html,htm,js} "li" *
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man grep *scroll scroll scroll*

          Skip files whose base name matches GLOB (using wildcard  matching).
          A  file-name  glob  can use *, ?, and [...]  as wildcards, and \ to
          quote a wildcard or backslash character literally.

Look up "shell globbing" for more info


$ grep -r  --exclude=\*.{png,jpg} a .

$ ls
hai  hai.png  moo.htm  moo.txt

Similar question

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