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Original netcat doesn't support ssl. ncat from nmap project does.
In linux, we can connect multiple commands with pipeline.
Is it possible to combine netcat and openssl to create a ncat?

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No doubt you can do it with stunnel, a generic program that makes TCP connections such that they're done with SSL.

It's generic, so it make POP go through SSL too, making Secure POP, or it could do HTTP.

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Use stunnel+netcat to connect

$ grep smtp /etc/services
smtp            25/tcp          mail
ssmtp           465/tcp         smtps           # SMTP over SSL

$ cat stunnel.conf
client = yes
accept = localhost:smtp
connect =

$ sudo stunnel4 stunnel.conf

$ nc -C localhost smtp
220 ESMTP s7sm6983451paz.7
ehlo at your service, []
250-SIZE 35882577
221 2.0.0 closing connection s7sm6983451paz.7
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Socat is netcat on steroids. If you can use socat, see Securing Traffic Between two Socat Instances Using SSL

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