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Vista introduced the favorites in the navigation pane of Windows Explorer. In Windows 7 I immediately noticed that the favorites don't have a separate pane at the top anymore.

A comparison.

So to access the favorites (which I do a lot, I love that feature!) I always have to scroll to the top first which is quite annoying.

Is there any way to restore the old behavior? I can't believe that they went a step backwards here.

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I think Microsoft has still not provided a tweak for this, as people are still ranting about it. A possible fix, if you don't require the entire expanded folders when you are in a directory, you can turn off "Expand to Current Folder". This should keep your Navigation pane smaller so it doesn't have the ability to scroll down. See Navigation -> Folder options.

alt text

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I usually just drag and drop shortcuts into the favourites section win win7 the same way that you do in vista

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Dude, you are talking about something totally different, The Pane on the left, expands and contracts the favorite's folder, it's the ADD FAVORITES box that opens, whereas you can either just add a link, or create a new folder and then add it or navigate to an existing folder. When you do open this Box,by clicking add to favorites, in IE7 and in ie8, all the folders are expanded and will NOT contract.. I have 1500 folders in my favorites, can you imagine what a mess this is. I have found two solutions to fix this, and one is USE FIREFOX, with the IE tab add-on which runs IE in Firefox.. and the other is to use something LIKE MAXTHON or some other IE compatible browser that runs on the IE engine. I have found that all IE type browsers that run off the IE engine that the ADD FAVORITES FOLDERS are NOT EXPANDED, therefore this is a Microsoft Browser issue. The programmer that decided to screw IE up like this, is not very smart.. and doesn't have time to surf the web.. LOL to realize how many links one can acquire.. ... Keep in mind, my links are of a ten year surfing span...

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The original question is about Explorer, not IE. It even has a comparison screenshot. – gix Oct 21 '10 at 15:42
Hi Les. Please consider spending some time to do some formatting too your post so that others won't get bored by seeing this paragraphy one..! – Waffle's Crazy Peanut Dec 14 '12 at 9:08

Not a fix for this oversight, but an option is to use QTTabBar. I's a freeware add-on that places folder tabs on the top of the WE window, and selectively allows you to lock them in place.

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This doesn't seem to be an answer to the question – FredrikD Nov 8 '12 at 16:42

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