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I need console based text editor for writing both source codes and human readable texts such as emails. I need it to be user friendly. It mean for me:

  • You can use it the same way as the notepad or gedit.
  • You can use mouse there.
  • If you need your mother of girlfriend or somebody to edit your text they will know what to do, they will not realize it is a console and will have only a feeling it is something like a notepad.
  • copy, paste, undo works as usual with usual key combinations (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-Z).
  • shift and arrows works as usual. They select the text.

And when I return to the computer I want to use the text editor for programming. I expect:

  • Syntax highliting
  • auto indenting
  • replacing spaces with tabs
  • keyboard shortcuts for compiling
  • possibility to configure it to use a debugger
  • autocompletions for c#, java, c++ and other languages
  • other things I expect from IDE's.

I was working and configuring vim for a few years. But It never fulfilled all of my expectations (but it almost did).

I thing I could get vim configured perfectly if I had few more weeks time for configurating it. Unfortunately I cannot afford to be configuring vim forever.

Is there other alternative? Hopefully some editor I once set up and it will works forever? What do you use? I often hear people are using emacs. Is it worth learning?

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I don't get why this question was closed. Did you try ne, joe, diakonos? But you are asking for two mutually exclusive sets of features: such requirements can only lead to compromise. – romainl Nov 24 '12 at 17:39

Cream is based on Vim, but not for the hard-core users. As it’s just a set of vim scripts, it should work in the console, though I’ve never tried it.

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Thanks for good tip. This editor is evidently capable of everything vim is able to do. It starts in insert mode... and knows the common keyboard shortcuts ... looks perfect – robo Nov 24 '12 at 15:53
Unfortunately according to FAQ they don't support editing in console. :( – robo Nov 24 '12 at 15:54

I would suggest GNU nano as it is simple and supports syntax highlighting.

Screenshot from nano’s Wikipedia page:. Screenshot of GNU nano

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