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I have a DLink WIFI router with "admin" rights. I want to restrict torrent and other download over network. Please help. I am new to networking.

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Two options jump to mind.

  1. Block common bittorrent ports.

    Most routers allow you to block certain ports, so you could block 6881 - 6999. That would cut out a significant amount.

  2. Block common trackers.

    Again, most routers provide the opportunity to block connections to certain websites. If you do a bit of research, you could find the common trackers. I will use one that is no longer around for an example: block: *.demonoid.*, for example.

If your reason is legality, I would go with option 2 because not all bittorrent is illegal (it's a very effective way to transmit large amounts of data - example: Linux Distros).

If your reason is just bandwidth - then the port method would be more effective. Or a combination of the two. Of course, there are always ways around it if someone is determined enough.

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