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Sorry, I'm new to linux and I've been searching on how to do this but all of the tutorials I've found are for mounting windows shares. I have a number of osx shares that I want to map to linux mint so that I can access it from the terminal window. How do I do this?

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To have it mount automatically every time you boot, edit fstab:

gksu pluma /etc/fstab

then add an entry like this: /media/sharename nfs users,rw,auto 0 0

Save, close, and then reboot, or to load the new fstab entry without rebooting:

sudo mount -a

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Run the mount command as root.

mount /mnt/sharename -t nfs

You will probably need to install a couple of packages and start a couple of services for that to work properly. On my system, I can call /etc/rc.d/nfs start to get everything running, but more generally you will need to run: rpcbind, rpc.pipefs and rpc.idmapd. As for packages, I have something called net-fs/nfs-utils YMMV. Consult your distribution's documentation on the topic of "mounting NFS shares" for a more thorough explanation.

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