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I wonder whether there is an extractor tool that as well as extract the file contents, erase the original compressed file. Thank you.

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On Mac OSX this is already the case.

Meanwhile this post suggests that WinRAR has this feature, and that it is reasonably easy to script this for 7-zip.

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Delete archive

Never: Do not delete an unpacked archive.

Ask for confirmation: Ask for user confirmation before deleting an unpacked archive.

Always: Delete an unpacked archive without a confirmation.

WinRAR deletes an archive only if it had been unpacked without errors and if all archived files were selected to unpack. If you unpack a multivolume archive, all its volumes will be deleted.

Note that you can save the default state of this option with "Save settings" button in General page of extraction dialog and it will also affect command line and context menu extraction commands. Use "Ask for confirmation" and especially "Always" mode with care. Deleting an unpacked archive can cause data loss if used improperly.

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