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I have a lot of programs installed on Windows 7 that I need on my Windows 8 (runs on a VHD). Do I need to duplicate all these installations or is there some tool that can update the Windows 8 system so that the programs on Windows 7 are accessible from it?

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No, not possible as most programs write details to the registry (assuming it has to be installed and isn't a stand alone program). However, if you could somehow duplicate these registry entries onto the OS then I have no idea!

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Yes, the latter was what I was thinking too. A tool could hypothetically read all registry values of an installed program in Windows 7 and copy them to Windows 8. Perhaps. – Christian Nov 26 '12 at 13:30

Try installing Portable apps which does not have anything in registery.

  • Share drive/folder between VHD and Local
  • install portable apps there
  • use both place

Only supported for portable apps

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