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I'm looking forward to Task/ToDo Manager.
It should work under Android, Linux(or Web). If it's very cool, one of them is OK too, Android is preferable in this situation.

Necessary features:

  • Russian or English language
  • Possibility to mark task as finished

Interesting features: (I want as more, as possible, while it's OK, if some of them isn't avaliable)

  • Nice and easy-to-use interface
  • Possibility to choose finish time for task. After that it's showed as overdue.
  • Possibility to choose start time for task. Before it task is inactive and maybe shown or hide
  • Possibility to add nested tasks. Task marks completed when all sub-tasks are completed.
  • Possibility to make dependencies. If A depends on B, and B isn't finished yet, A is inactive as in third feature.
  • Possibility to create task in a moment without fill-all-this-forms
  • Syncronization between version(Android to linux or Android to web)
  • Notification (on Android only)

Features, that I'm not interested in:

  • Creating more than one todo list
  • sharing ToDo's

I've seen couple of managers. Best I've seen now is Task Coach for Linux, but I don't very like its interface, and there is no version for Android.

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