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I'm not able to use unicode composition (The ctrl+shift+u method) to enter unicode characters in Sublime Text 2 (v2.0.1, Build 2217) on Ubuntu 12.04 (Unity). To reproduce, just open up a tab and do this:

  1. Press ctrl+shift+u
  2. Type 00B0
  3. Press enter

Normally the degree sign (°) will be entered. I'm not sure if some Sublime command is overriding this keybinding, Is anyone else able to do this?

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I just ran into this same issue and I couldn't find an answer anywhere, but I did find a solution. The problem is that the default key bindings in Sublime for Linux overwrite ctrl+shift+u with a soft_redo command. To disable this:

  1. Open up your default key bindings: Preferences > Key Bindings - Default
  2. Search for ctrl+shift+u and comment out the line containing that key binding. For example: //{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+u"], "command": "soft_redo" },. Optionally, you could remap this to a different key binding if you really want soft_redo (I have no idea what this command does See comment below for soft_redo functionality).
  3. Save and you're good to go!

One note though, you'll need to use <space> instead of <enter> when you've completed the unicode character code as Sublime has a key binding for <enter>.


Since you can no longer easily edit the default key bindings in Sublime Text 3, I would suggest using the answer by @brandon-lockaby.

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Thanks, Michael. This solution fixes the problem easily! – dhulihan Mar 19 '13 at 20:12
btw, any idea on soft redo? what is it? – kumar_harsh Jun 16 '13 at 8:15
You need to restart sublime. – redochka Jun 20 '13 at 11:54
You don't have to restart sublime. Any time you save a sublime configuration file, sublime reloads the configuration. As for the soft_undo and soft_redo they are used to undo/redo selections when you are making multiple selections. For instance, if you mistakenly added a selection to your multi-selection, you can perform a soft_undo to undo the last selection without losing all your other selections. – Michael Mims Jun 3 '14 at 22:00

I also got here, but these days it seems you really aren't meant to edit the default settings, and the binding can't be unbound in user settings.

My solution is to press ctrl+alt+shift+u in sublime. It works and I don't have to change any key bindings. Still have to press space when you're done.

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Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U does not work for me with Sublime Text 3 on Debian 7. – Geradlus_RU Dec 10 '14 at 21:20

By Editing 'Default (Linux).keymap' in /opt/sublime_text/Packages/Default.sublime-package one could disable the conflicting ctrl+shift+u binding

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