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In the Windows 8 Settings app, there's a Sync section that lets you sync Windows and app settings across multiple Windows 8 computers. It doesn't give very fine-grain control, however, and is even somewhat ambiguous about what each setting is enabling/disabling (it uses the words "and more" implying that there's some other unnamed settings that it will sync).

I had to disable syncing on my desktop completely because it was causing certain settings and even my music library (which I manage on SkyDrive manually) to be affected in ways I didn't like.

I was wondering if there was a more detailed, comprehensive list of what is in each category of sync, and also if there is a way to enable/disable syncing of each individual item instead of syncing each broad category.

I'm referring to this, by the way: screenshot of Settings app

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According to a Microsoft representative/moderator on technet there aren't any official documents or details out on that, at least yet. Hopefully in time there will be someone who investigates or Microsoft releases details about this.

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I'm accepting this for now since this seems to be the best answer so far. – Ben Richards Dec 9 '12 at 5:30

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