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We just migrated one of our sites to Windows 7 and suddenly 2 PCs started having a wierd issue. A USB device suddenly starts connecting and disconnecting non stop with the usual "Ding Dong" sound.

I first thought it was a rogue USB key but I have disconnected all USB devices from the desktop and it is still doing it even with nothing connected. Even started uninstalling the USB drivers one by one and restarting the PC. This is constant at least 3 times a minute.

Any suggestions?

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if you right-click on the speaker icon by the clock and choose "Open Volume Mixer", it will show what's making sounds

if you can't find any other answer, you can at least mute the spurious ding/dong

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I have disabled the Device Connect Disconnect sound however its a Per User setting so I must write a script for this temp workaround. Still looking for an actual solution though – Arturski Nov 28 '12 at 16:20

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