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Is there any way of adding additional contextual items to the menu get when you right click Outlook 2010 in the taskbar on Windows 7?

Currently I have the 5 tasks that are there by default (New Email Message, etc.) but I would like to add my quick steps to here.

Ideally I am after a setting with Outlook or Windows, or a registry change here rather than a third party program.

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The open-source project Jumplist Extender may be of use to you.

Jumplist Extender's features include:

Add your own Program Tasks

You can add any action you want on your jumplist, provided it has a keyboard shortcut to your program. Make easy-to-access jumplist items for your everyday tasks! (Works with command line switches, too!)

Pin Any Type of File

Add ANY file and ANY folder to your jumplist -- and even rename them on the list! Windows only allows you to add files assigned to (or "openable by") the program -- Extender bypasses that limitation.

Create Extensions to your Programs

Use AutoHotKey scripting to extend and add functionality to your programs, easily accessible from your own jumplist! Add a "Save to Desktop Notes" function to Notepad, or add "Snip and upload to ImageShack" to Snipping Tool!

Share your Jumplists with Others

Export and import your jumplists into "Jumplist Packs"! Upload your Jumplist Pack to the web, and enable others to download and enjoy your work!

I hope this application meets your needs.

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It's close to what I was after, but I was hoping for a registry fix or setting within Outlook rather than having a program running in the background to control it. Sorry, I should have been more specific in the question. – Miles Hayler Nov 27 '12 at 16:21

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