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I managed to choose various themes from within Aquamacs but the problem is that if at some later point I have an error in my .emacs then the theme's setting is broken. Therefore I decided to load it directly from the .emacs.

I found several options and neither works. The best I could make is to add the following:

(load-file "~/Library/elisp/themes/zenburn-theme.el")

This works fine if I evaluate it manually (C-x C-e), but it is not loaded automatically by Aquamacs when it starts.

Note, if I click Adopt Face and Frame Parameters as Default, then the situation is better, but still the zenburn theme is not loaded properly. It is only loaded OK if I manually load it as I just described.

By the way, trying to use the color-theme package like:

(require 'color-theme)

for instance, yields a similar problem and the theme is not loaded properly.

I would like to use the zenburn theme - how should I do it with aquamacs?

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