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I am attempting to check for updates using the Adobe Application Manager on Windows 8 and I get this error:

The update server is not responding. The server might be offline temporarily, or the Internet or firewall settings may be incorrect.

I have seen this error before on Windows 7 and remembered that I needed to disable the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter. I navigated to the correct place but the Miniport Adapter was not there. After a bit of searching across several forums I saw a recommendation to change <logLevel>2</logLevel> to <logLevel>10</logLevel>. I attempted that and again it still did not work. I have also tried disabling my anti-virus protection and disabling Windows Firewall. Neither worked.

I am not sure what else to try or do at this point.

Are there any other recommendations to solve this issue?


  • I am running Windows 8 Pro using the Creative Cloud Version of CS6.
  • I check for updates by choosing Help > Updates from within any Adobe Application
  • This issue was not present in Windows 7 before I upgraded to Windows 8

I originally posted this question on the Adobe Forums and received no help there.

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I got same problem, the only workaroung that worked for me was connecting an ethernet cable.

Windows 8 really does not show miniports on device management and does not allow you to disable them from command prompt, it's a kernel feature for now.

Adone needs to update his Application Manager asap to solve it.

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User Kipedias on the Adobe Forums found a solution:

~For Windows 8~

1) Under Control Panel, navigate to the top right search bar and type in "device manager"

2) Click on "Device manager" after the search

You should see a tree-like map of your devices in the new window

3) Navigate: view>show hidden devices

4) Under "Network adapters", right click on the "Microsoft Wi-fi Direct Virtual Adapter" and select disable.

5) Run updates for your Adobe software on your Windows 8 machine and VOILA!!

Original Answer

There appears to be an issue with the Adobe Application Manager.

After having an Adobe Connect session with a support person the problem was resolved by replacing the current Adobe Application Manager files with new ones (which had been changed to correct the problem). I was told that Adobe would be releasing an update "shortly."

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